Shared Vision

Meli Studio is all about the shared vision when it comes to the possibilities for your dream hospitality project. We take time to understand your unique requirements and needs, interpret and present your brief. Our team will deliver a clear concept of what your new hospitality space will look like, grasp your intentions and turn them into reality and provide exceptional service through to completion.


Meli Studio will grasp your vision and start planning the layout for your new refresh. Meli Studio will organise your space to create the mood and style you’re after. This includes creating the mood of the space with the use of new lighting, and décor. With our expertise in planning and styling we will provide a new experience for your hotel/motel/bar.


Meli Studio will inspire you with the endless possibilities for your hotel/motel/bar. This is created with your vision and intentions for your project. From there we will transform your intentions. Meli Studio will elevate your hotel/motel/bar to look brand new with the use of small touches. Meli Studio will design your space as well as coordinate placement for all decor, lighting and furniture.


Meli Studio views renovation projects as the next chapter to the story. We will collaborate with you to reach a vision, inspire you with our concept, and bring it to fruition. Your renovation project may be adding a new dimension to the existing built form, or an extension to your services. Small or large, we will work with you to bring a fresh vision to your existing asset.

New Build

The best part of a new build project is the initial nervousness it brings. You can’t create a visions without feeling nervous to start! A new build project requires a team that builds the vision from nothing to something. Meli Studio will bring all of our talents on board to work with you to complete the vision to your new build project.

Our Aesthetics

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