About Meli Studio


Established in 2008 by Ruth Meli, Meli Studio effectively ran in tandem with Julie Ockerby’s practice, Style Space Colour, established in 2005. Each practice held a strong position within the residential milieu. Similarly,each had a high-end client base and portfolio to match. By 2011, the practices were both merged under the Meli Studio name, with Julie in full ownership.

Since 2011, Meli Studio shifted to a more commercial portfolio, with a focus on aged care and senior living. Julie, with a background as a Registered Nurse and having worked in marketing for boutique hotels in Europe, saw a need for change in the way the aged are cared for. Her background as a nurse gave her insight into the practical functionality of an operational facility, while her work with boutique hotels informed the style of environment she advocates. Compounding these elements is the deeply personal experience of her family. “My father was ill and needed a nursing home. We couldn’t find one to the standards I felt he deserved. No one was considering the environment as adding to the quality of life. I would want to go into something that is designed with heart and soul”

Meli Studio’s big purpose is to design aged care so that the lifestyle of residents is as good, if not better than they are accustomed to. With Julie’s passion guiding her and a firm grasp on the functional realities of aged care, Meli Studio is set to change the way aged care is both conceived and delivered. It is however Julie Ockerby’s far reaching approach that sees the need for this change as universal that sets her apart as a thought leader within this burgeoning industry.

Still maintaining a strong residential portfolio, Meli Studio’s designers work with like-minded clients to achieve their spatial design goal. The balance in portfolios allows our designers creative reach to expand beyond the fashionable trends. It is because of this dichotomy in that makes Meli Studio one of Australia’s leading award winning boutique design firms.

Meli Studio is based in the picturesque setting of Kirribilli Marina in Sydney, Australia. Our projects takes us all over Australia, both East and West coast. Meli Studio also operates with our partners in South East Asia.

 Meli Studio